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The general surgical procedures are often underestimated in their complexity and should only be performed by very experienced surgeons.

Accident Surgery

The accident surgery deals with the operational and conservative procedures for the restoration and maintenance of the injured human structures.


Through a high degree of professionalism and close collegial collaboration, we can successfully treat a wide range of orthopedic diseases.

Industrial Accidents

The inital and also after-care service of accident-insured accidents (work or road accidents) is a major focus of our practice.

Skin Surgery

We operate all kinds of skin changes without the hassle of waiting in close cooperation with experienced dermatologists and pathologists.

Foot Surgery

Complaints on the feet can have a variety of causes. The individual view of local pain is often not enough and can lead to incorrect treatment pathways.

Back Pain

In most cases it is an acute pain. This has its cause in the dysfunction of a single motion segment (acute lumbago).

Aesthetic-Plastic Therapy

Aging processes of the skin such as wrinkling and pigmentation (so-called age spots) are a natural process which we are all exposed to.

Abdominal Hernia & Hernia

The operative care of abdominal wall and inguinal hernia requires a great expertise and careful implementation.

Proctology (Endocrinia)

The examination of the anus is unpleasant for most people and there is a natural shyness in problems to consult the doctor.

Vein Therapy

Varicose veins and spider veins are a widespread phenomenon in our society that is overloaded by our venous system.


Acupuncture is a wonderful complementary method in the pain therapy treatment of disturbances of the movement apparatus and stress-induced disturbances.

Arthrosis Therapy

Reconstructions of the bone and changes in the joint position lead to wear of the articular cartilage (arthritis), which can lead to pain and immobility of the patient.

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