Surgical treatment of abdominal wall and hernia requires great expertise and careful implementation. The operating procedures should be individually adapted to the patient in order to achieve a satisfactory result. In order to achieve this, in today’s hernia surgery the surgeon must master the usual procedures, which consist both of conventional (open) surgery and of laparoscopic (abdominal) surgery. Due to our long-standing specialization in hernia surgery, we can cover the entire spectrum of this very common disease with a high degree of certainty. This includes the small ingrowth in young people as well as the recurrent fracture in the elderly with pre-existing conditions. In a personal meeting, we will offer you a tailor-made concept.

Abdominal hernia

  • Open surgery without mesh (Shouldice technique)
  • Laparoscopic surgery with mesh (TAPP technique)
  • Laparoskopische Operation mit Netz (TAPP-Technik)
  • Open surgery without net (umbilical fracture up to 2cm)
  • Open surgery with mesh (all fractures, technique according to findings)
  • Laparoscopic surgery with mesh (IPOM technique)

Fracture in the area of an artificial bowel outlet (parastomal hernia)

Diaphragmatic hernia (hiatus hernia)

  • Laparoscopic surgery with mesh (sandwich technique)
  • Open surgery with net
  • Laparoscopic surgery (Toupet, Nissen)